We hold expertise in manufacturing premium quality microvee filters, which are known for their efficiency. These are fabricated from a layer of non woven media mounted on an aluminum rod. The filter is then, framed in a metal case and the uniform flow of air is maintained by AL spacers. A special mention is required for the media of these filters, which are cleanable and the efficiency rate is 99% down to 5 micron.

Features :

  • Media: 3 stage NWP sandwiched between 2 layers of HDPE/needle punched media- pleated for extended surface area
  • Separators: MS/GI/aluminum rods/spacers
  • Casing: MS stove enamelled/GI/aluminum anodised
  • Gasket: Natural rubber.

  • These are widely used in the following industries:

    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Computers
    • Nuclear plants
    • Fertilizer plants
    • Synthetic fiber industries
    • Central AC plants
    • Ventilation systems